Stage 3 - Proprioception

Time period:  Six - 12 Weeks


  • To improve neuromuscular control
  • To improve proprioception.


  • Continue to improve total leg strength
  • Enhance the endurance capacity of muscles
  • Deepen patient confidence.

Possible Problems

  • Arthrofibrosis
  • Patellofemoral irritability
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Graft laxity and rupture

Treatment Guidelines

  • Continue to develop co-contractions into more dynamic movements (e.g. step lunges and half squats).
  • Proprioceptive work should become more dynamic from week 9 (e.g. lateral stepping and slide board).
  • Heighten resistance on gym equipment using leg presses and hamstring curls.  The aim of the hamstring strengthening program is for an enhancement in both power and speed of contraction.
  • Commence cycling on a normal bike from week 9.
  • Monitor pelvic and ankle control in addition to cardiovascular fitness.

NB: do not engage in chain quadriceps exercises.  Solo sports such as swimming and cycling are usually permitted with few restrictions during this stage.