Rehabiliation Protocol Following Knee Arthroscopy

Day of Surgery:

  • Minimal Exertion. Rest with leg elevated on pillow
  • Take simple analgesics (Panadol) as required
  • Leave dressings and bandages intact
  • Keep your dressings clean and dry (use a plastic bag to cover whilst showering)

Exercises : Move your foot/ankle up and down to exercise your calf. Start straight leg raises immediately.

  • Straight Leg Raises:
  • a. Lie down or sit back in a chair
    b. Tense your knee as straight as possible
    c. Keeping your knee straight lift your foot about 40 cm from the bed
    d. Hold this for a count of 5 then lower
    e. Do this 10 times and repeat 5 times per day.
  • Begin to walk:
  • a. Do this with assistance at first
    b. Carefully place your good leg on the floor and take weight through it.
    c. Gradually increase the weight you place through the operated leg
    d. Ensure you start this process before you leave hospital

Day 2

  • Continue elevation and rest
  • Increase Straight Leg Raises to 15 repetitions
  • Essential walking around the house only

Day 3-4

  • Continue straight leg exercises
  • Start Gentle Bending exercises. Do not force bending as it will improve slowly

Day 5

  • Remove the outer layer of bandages
  • Do NOT remove the sticky dressings. These are waterproof and should remain intact for 10 days from the surgery.

Day 6-9

  • Continue as above

Day 10

  • See your Physiotherapist
  • Remove the sticky dressings and replace with bandaids to stay in place for a further 5 days

Gradually increase your activity and work. Office work is usually OK after 4 days. Manual work with graduated return to full activities after about 10 days. Do not play sport until your knee movement has returned to normal. Your physiotherapist can help advise you.

Post Op Visit:

For patients booked for elective surgery your post operative visit is booked at the time your surgery is booked. If you cannot locate this information please contact my rooms on 30105733.

Important: Please contact my rooms or an Emergency Department if you are concerned or notice any of the following:

  • Persistent High Temperatures, Increasing Knee pain not responsive to simple pain relief.
  • Calf swelling and pain, Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Bleeding or Discharge from the surgical wounds.