Urgent Sports Knee Injury Clinic

To cater for the sports enthusiast Dr. Astori runs regular Urgent Sports Knee Injury Clinics.

Knee injuries can be quite painful and debilitating.

In my practice we keep specific appointments for urgent knee injuries so patients can be seen urgently (within a few days)

Prompt Assessment and Management

Dr Astori Ensures/Guarantees all Patients will Receive
  • an early assessment
  • professional injury management to facilitate an early return to sport

Acute Injury Patients

Patients suitable for this clinic are those who have:
  • a recent acute injury (sporting or recreational activities)
  • aggravated an existing knee injury
  • been advised by their GP that immediate attention is required.
  • attended an Emergency Dept. and been told further management is required.

Requirements for Clinic Appointment

Patients requiring an urgent appointment should
  • contact the practice by telephone.
  • diagnostic imaging is not essential (this can be arranged after a review if indicated)
  • referral after review by either a physiotherapist or general practitioner

NB: To receive a medicare rebate for the consultation patient will need a referral from their GP, Emergency Department doctor or another specialist.