Rehabilitation following Meniscal Repair

Please follow general instructions following Knee Arthroscopy ( refer to handout).

In addition, and to override all other instructions:

  • Non weight bearing on operative leg using crutches for four weeks following surgery.
  • Unloaded active and passive knee movement between 0-60 degrees for the first 2 weeks.
  • Unloaded active and passive knee flexion from 0-90 degrees from 2-4 weeks.
  • Start weight bearing gradually from 4 weeks post op
  • Loaded knee flexion to 60 degrees only for 4-8 weeks
  • No loaded knee flexion past 90 degrees for 4 months
  • No "propping" sports for 6 months

You may be advised to wear a hinged knee brace depending on your individual circumstances.

Please make an appointment to see your physiotherapist and begin within the first week following your procedure.

Ensure you have a follow up appointment with Dr Astori, to be arranged be contacting the surgery on (07) 3010 5733.