Stage 4 - Sport Specific

Time Period: 12 Weeks to Six Months


  • To improve patient confidence
  • To prepare for a return to sport.


  • Introduce more sport specific activities
  • Incorporate agility and reaction time into proprioceptive work
  • Enhance total leg strength
  • Improve patient confidence.
  • A possible problem during this stage is patellofemoral irritability.

Treatment Guideline

  • Continue general strength work including half squats with resistance, leg presses, leg curls, wall squats, and step work on progressively higher steps, stepper and rowing machine.
  • Commence jogging in a straight line and on a flat surface from week 16.
  • Hopping and jumping activities, with a focus on a good landing technique, should be incorporated into proprioceptive work.  Can incorporate lateral movements.
  • At around 20 weeks, ball skill, sideways running and skipping rope may be included into agility work.
  • Proprioception and confidence may be enhanced by low impact and step aerobic classes.
  • Pool work may include the use of flippers.

After 20 weeks commence those sporting activities that are specific for the individual. For example, a tennis player might work on lateral step lunges and forwards and backwards running drills.  A skier might use a slide board, lateral box stepping and jumping and zigzag hopping.  A volleyball or basketball player might engage in vertical jumps.